WWF Oasis Bosco Croce - Campania

WWF Oasis Bosco Croce - Campania

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: WWF Oasis since 2000; Silvia Croce, daughter of Benedetto Croce, in March 2000 sold the property to the WWF
Region: Campania
Province: Salerno

WWF Bosco Croce is an area of ​​0.3 hectares and is located in Albori, a hamlet of Vietri sul Mare (SA).

Monte Falerio (photo


LOasi is located at the foot of Monte Falerio and includes a part of Mediterranean scrub and a part is made up of the typical terraces of the Amalfi Coast, cultivated with vines and fruit trees. Presence of springs, splendid view of the Gulf of Salerno. In the scrub there are the typical species of the Mediterranean area: holm oak, strawberry tree, broom, myrtle, phyllirea, bay leaf, arboreal heather, rosemary and thyme. Tufts of maidenhair decorate the wet rocks at the source of Il Cesare. In the most hidden corners there is the carnivorous plant Pinguicola hirtiflora. There are many species of birds that can be observed in the Oasis: peregrine falcons, imperial crows, buzzards, kestrels, sparrow hawks, tawny owls, owls and the typical passerines of the scrub, including the oculus. Among the mammals there are foxes, wild boars, badgers and martens. Among the reptiles we mention the rat snake, the cervon and the natrix, while among the amphibians the spectacled salamander is reported.

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Video: Da comera a comè - 1993-oggi - Oasi WWF - Bosco San Silvestro (January 2022).