Wildlife in Italy: Magnanina Sylvia undata Boddaert, 1783

Wildlife in Italy: Magnanina Sylvia undata Boddaert, 1783

Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Birds
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Sylviidae
Kind: Sylvia
Species: S. undata Boddaert, 1783

Magnanina lives in Europe, and North Africa, in Italy it nests below the Po Valley, in hilly habitats formed by moorlands.

Sylvia undata has 5 subspecies:
- Sylvia undata undata
- Sylvia undata toni
- Sylvia undata dartfordiensis
- Sylvia undata naevalbens
- Sylvia undata aremorica

Magnanine Male - Sylvia undata (photo Daniele Occhiato)

Magnanine female - Sylvia undata
(Dartford Warbler Provencegrasm├╝cke (Sylvia undata) by J. Dietrich by J. Dietrich - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - https: // commons / wiki / File: Dartford_Warbler_Provencegrasm% C3% BCcke_ (Sylvia_undata) _by_J._Dietrich.jpg # / media / files: Dartford_Warbler_Provencegrasm% C3% BCcke_ (Sylvia_undata) _by_J._Dietrich.jpg)

Magnanine - Sylvia undata

Distinctive characters

Length: 13 cm

Bird characterized by very long tail and very dark plumage (in the male it is brick red on the chest).


Insectivorous during spring, far from the nesting period, Magnanine feeds mainly on berries and fruit.

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